She is Our Future


There comes a time in a young girls life,
When she begins to start growing up.
It’s a time when you need to let her go,
And trust that she’ll take the right path.
Now is when she needs you most.
She needs your  trust,
And she needs your love.
The closer you try to pull her in,
The further away she’ll go.
She’s growing up…
So let her go.

A beautiful woman this poem is for you
Full of beauty and grace
Rare black Queen sitting high on your throne
No one can take your place
Your heart is full of pure gold
Never to be played with
Bought or sold
Your Love is Patient Your Love is kind
Always trying to bring joy to others even when you can’t do it for yourself
And keeping them close in mind
A good woman is what you are
A woman to who is proud of who she is and what she stands for
Never seeking definition from whom she is with
A strong woman is what I see when I look at you
One who can pick up the small pieces of her broken heart
And carry on as if she was never hurt in the first place.
When talking about this woman I can’t help but smile. (B. Jackson)

You Can Make It!!!
Brandon empowering a group of students
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