Brandon Jackson


A native of Indianapolis, IN, Brandon Jackson has grown to become a successful event planner, public speaker, and business owner. Once he received his Master’s of Education from Indiana State University, Jackson realized he was made to help others. He has spoken at various churches, colleges and events throughout the Indiana and Atlanta, Georgia. He knew it was time to help those around him after serving on a relationship panel with Larenz Tate, having a successful marriage to his wife, Rosalind Jackson, and three beautiful children. Brandon established in October 2016 after several friends came to him for relationship advice. Today, Grown Konversations is now growing and allowing people to find new solutions to their relationship issues. Events are held once a month to promote open dialogue, networking, and entertainment. Join us for our next event and learn how grown folks have Grown Konversations.
Grown Konversations is a fresh, innovative company that wants to educate, grow, and inspire couples of today. Our goal is to allow people to come together and encourage each other. We want people to share how they solve problems with family, friends, and their spouse. Our mission is to promote healthy relationships while providing solutions to everyday issues. We host monthly events that provide an open forum for people to share ideas and understand different ways to handle a dilemma with family members, friends, or loved ones. We want people to learn from their mistakes and become better for themselves and their partners. We look forward to seeing you at our next event sharing your experience.


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